2017 Oskarz.biz Awards
2017 Oskarz.biz Awards
It's happening for a 7th time. Because we don't know how to go out on a high note.

Oskarz.biz Awards

Now that you've seen all the "prestigious" awards shows, it's time for the Oskarz! For the 7th year, the Oskarz.biz Awards, powered by the Marshalls Spice Aisle, shines a long overdue spotlight on the parts of the Internet that normal people probably miss. Vote below, and the winners will be announced on next Friday's episode of the RELEVANT Podcast.

best '80s Christian song Gloriously Brought Back

The Nu Thang Kid


This, Uh, Experimental, Church Singer

Bible Rappin'

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Best/Worse “Pokemon Go”-Inspired Church Sign

Jesus Juke

You Asked for a Sign

A Theology Lesson

Found 'Em

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Best Awards Show Mess-Up

The Oscars' Best Picture Debacle

Steve Harvey Messing Up Miss Universe

John Travolta's "Adele Dazeem"

Adele Restarting a Song Live at the Grammys

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The “What Idiot” Award for Best “Called It” joke? 

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Person of Year Award: Best Guy Fieri Tribute

Guy Fieri eating to Johnny Cash's "Hurt"

Guy Fieri As a Dandelion

George Bush with Guy Fieri Hair

Guy Fieri Just Being Stoked About Pizza

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Most Disappointed DC Talk Fan Following the Announcement of Their Cruise Ship Reunion

Seriously, that's it? Now I know how Ralphie from a Christmas story felt when he decoded the message with his decoder. A lousy commercial. —Jason Kuntz
I feel like Clark Griswold...expecting a big, fat Christmas bonus and instead getting a jelly-of-the-month club. Don't know whether to laugh, cry, or break something. Sigh —Sarah Skjolsvik
When I saw "cruise", my mouth dropped and I kinda died inside lol —Nicholas Aaron Lavender
There is a treason at sea. —Nigel Knight


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Smashmouth “All Star” Moment of the Year

Dancing Pooh

“All Star” Re-created with Windows XP Sounds

“All Star” Re-created with Windows XP Sounds

“All Star” with Every Lyric Changed to “Somebody”

The Dude Who Sings “All Star” Lyrics to Every Song

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In Memoriam: Best Vine (R.I.P.)

Don't Eat My Pants

Up in Here

What Are Those 1